Our offer

Can be provided at any stage of your Data Protection implementation program: At the starting point with Workshops and/or Privacy Assessments or during the activities conduct with the Data Protection Officer as a Service.

Guarantees the full-compliance with Data Protection requirements and bring innovative Solutions (e.g. e-Consent, Patient Intimacy Management) that will lead to optimize the study conduct.

Our services

Our services

To support the Life Sciences Industry

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Data Protection

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Data Protection

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Data Privacy


Privacy Management Platform (PMP)
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Our resources

MyData-TRUST can rely on a pool of resources, encompassing a very broad range of expertises and skills
(e.g. Cybersecurity, GDPR, HIPAA, GMP, GDP, ICH-GCP, 21 CFR Part 11, ISO 9001/2008, ISO 27002, Lean Six Sigma, Agile Project Management).

This unique mix guarantees the capacity to efficiently address our clients data protection obligations in most of their critical business areas, including marketing, clinical research , publication, finance, supply & production.

We will support you with the most ‘fit for purpose’ experts within a diverse project team to dedicate the right expertise, at the right level and at the right time.

Our offer can be translated into a set of integrated services and a scalable solution.

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